10 things to do in Milan

We just came back from Milan and we loved it. Here, you have a list of our favorite places and things to do. Also, as a small travel tip, try carrying a map all the time-it is the easiest way to figure out your destination.


1. Visit Duomo

Duomo di Milano, located in Piazza del Duomo is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Milan. We saw it almost daily and we couldn’t get enough. You can buy a ticket to visit the beautiful interior, but also the Duomo museum. Also, you can see Milan from above if you choose the elevator ride.milan_duomo_raluca_barbu


2. Check out The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

Named after the first king of Italy since the 6th century, this Gallery is pure beauty. You will be amazed by the beautiful painting in the interior and the marble floors. Also, here you can eat at a fancy terrace or shop at high-fashion stores.



3. Eat french fries and gelato

No we didn’t say pizza, because everybody here eats French fries, it’s like their favorite snack. You can find them everywhere with a yummy topping. Also, as a desert the gelato is still in top of our preferences. You will find delicious flavors like pistachio or forest fruits.


4. Take a walk in Navigli District

In Medieval times, Milan was an important port. Today, the Navigli District is a hip area full of terraces, music, comic book stores and antiques shops. If you’re lucky to catch a seat at one of the restaurants, you can watch the beautiful sunset. During summer you can go by boat on the river Po.



5. Visit Sforza Castle

Take plenty of time to visit this beautiful castle. After visiting its interesting museums like the Musical Instruments one, Pinacoteca or the Ancient Egypt exhibition, you can relax in the gardens of the castle and drink a cappuccino.




6. Discover ,,The Last Supper” by Leonardo DaVinci

Did you know that one of Leonardo DaVinci’s greatest masterpieces is located in Milan? You can find it in The Leonardo DaVinci museum next to Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, that’s near Sforza Castle. If you want to see it remember to book a ticket in advance because it’s a big waiting list.


7. Go shopping!

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, therefore the store windows here are flawless. From the high-fashion stores, to the retailers, the vintage stores or the boutiques, you will get captivated by the brilliant display. Walk from Pizza del Duomo to La Colonne and you will discover lots of stylish stores.



8. Admire the street style fashion

In Milan, you will want to admire every person that walks by, because everybody here has a great taste in fashion. The most common outfit you will see during spring is the long jacket with 3/4 pants and sporty shoes.


9. Hang out at La Colonne

The nightlife in Milan is mostly students hanging out near La Colonne in front of pubs, bars or just in the streets drinking beer or cocktails. So, if you want to walk while drinking and socialize with a lot of people visit la Colonne or Garibaldi after 10.00 PM.


10. Go to any beautiful train station and just travel

From Centrale station, one of the many train stations that Milan has, you can travel in a couple of hours to a lot of old towns or other famous cities in Italy or even Switzerland. For just an hour distance away you can go to Bergamo, Como, Pavia, Monza or Lugano.  Also, in two hours distance you can visit Bologna, Parma, Genoa or Turin.



Have you ever visited Milan? What did you like the most and, if not, what are you looking forward in seeing?

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